CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
CLUG mud pad
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CLUG mud pad

Designed to work with your CLUG, the mud pad protects your walls from tire marks. Featuring micro-suction technology and a wipe clean front, the mud pad sticks to any surface. If the sticky side gets dirty it can be rinsed with cold soapy water, air-dried, and used again and again. Available in 2 sizes depending on your tire size, the mud pad is the perfect addition to your CLUG setup.

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Not bad for a mud pad!

Designed to protect your walls from tire marks and able to be installed in seconds, the CLUG mud pad works on almost all surfaces. Thanks to its micro-suction technology the mud pad works effectively on all painted surfaces and shiny smooth wood.


Wherever you choose to store your bike with CLUG, the mud pad will prevent mud or tyre marks being left on the wall. With a wipe clean front, the mud pad is easy to keep looking pristine. We advise testing on a discrete area first if surface finish is important.


To install simply align with the point that the bottom wheel touches the wall. Make sure contact area is clean, free of oil or dust, by wiping with a damp soapy cloth and allow to dry. Remove clear backing off black side of mud pad and press onto surface. If your mud pad stickiness lessens, rinse with cold soapy water and allow to air dry.

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Compatible with all official CLUGs: roadie, hybrid, mtb, mtb XL, and plus. The small is designed for road, gravel and hybrid. The large is designed for mtb tires.


Small: 76.2 x 76.2mm (3.0 x 3.0") / Large: 114.3 x 114.3mm (4.5 x 4.5")




If the sticky side gets dirty apply cold soapy water to it. Allow to air-dry. Reapply to the wall in the same location.


1 x Mud Pad

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two sizes of mud pad available. The small size is designed for road, gravel and hybrid tires. The large size is designed for mtb tires.

Yes! We have designed the mud pad to be totally washable on both sides. It will maintain its stickiness wash after wash and the white side can be wiped clean. It should only be washed in cold soapy water.

The mud pad has been painstakingly developed to be removable without peeling off your paint, but sticky enough to remain in place. Naturally some surfaces offer better adhesion than others. If the pad falls off it is often because of dust/dirt on the wall surface. Clean surface with damp cloth, wash mud pad with cold soapy water, air dry and reapply.

When using CLUG or CLUG vertically you should place the mud pad at the point that the rear bicycle tyre would touch the wall.

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