NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
NANO Mint | Green
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NANO Mint | Green

The mint green Hornit Nano is as fresh as it looks. Whether setting off fireworks or playing the ole trumpet, its wild noises and flashing light will make sure your kids are noticed on their ride to school or the park. Built with fun in mind, the Nano also keeps your children safe.


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The NANO is the perfect pocket-sized bike horn! Packed with 15 sounds and three light settings, great things really DO come in small sizes.

  • Unit colour - Mint Green
  • Wings clips to fit all bikes and scooters
  • 15 sound effects
  • IP33 (weather proof)
  • White safety lights (10 lumens)

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Bike Bell, Hooter, Ole Trumpet, Dixie Horn, Racing Cars, Laser, Firework, Police Car, Burp, Fart, Magic Spell, Magic Carpet, Wolf, Train, Reversing Truck.


  • Horn 88mm(l) x 42mm(w) x 36mm(h) 65g


  • Type 2 x AAA batteries 12g


  • Horn and batteries 77g


  • IP33 Protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hornit Nano is toy-tested to make it safe for children’s sensitive ears, and so it much quieter than the Hornit dB140 and Hornit LITE which are designed to be heard by drivers in heavy traffic. The decibel range is 75-80dB.

The Nano is primarily aimed at the scooter riders because the child’s hands will be right next to where the Nano mounts on the handlebars. The Hornit Mini was designed for both scooters and bikes, meaning the child can mount the larger Hornit Mini anywhere towards the middle of the handlebars and make the selected sound without having to take their hands off the handlebars. The Nano is still an option for bikes as it’s narrower than the Mini and can be mounted on the handlebar grip.

The stretchy wing fits around all kids bikes and scooter handlebars. It has been designed so children can mount and remove the Nano in seconds.

The Hornit Nano will be fine in the rain, provided that the water doesn’t get into the internal parts. If it is raining, we recommend that the front is tilted down slightly so that water can’t get inside through the front lens. The speaker actually works underwater (which we discovered during testing), but if the internal parts do get wet they may malfunction. Try shaking out any excess water if anything gets inside and drying thoroughly on a radiator.

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