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How to fit Hornit CLUG

Dec 14, 2018
How to fit Hornit CLUG

So, you’ve discovered Hornit CLUG? Well, you’ve just made your greatest cycling purchase! CLUG is simple to install but to make sure you get it perfect first time, we’ve created a handy installation video, to compliment the instructions you’ll find in the box.

It covers everything: what you'll need to install CLUG and how to fix your CLUG to the wall. Before you get started, you’ll need to find a suitable wall to fix your CLUG. For roadie and hybrid, this can be a wooden beam, brick/concrete or drywall. For mtb, mtb XL and plus it must be fixed to a wooden beam or brick wall to ensure it is fully secure.

CLUG fits bikes with tyres ranging from 23 - 57mm (1 - 2.25'') and currently comes in three sizes: roadie (23 - 32mm [1-1.25'']), hybrid (33 - 43mm [1.3 - 1.7'']), mtb (44 - 57mm [1.75 - 2.25'']). Find out more about CLUG! – update for new sizes